Weight Loss Results, Without Even Trying

We all have our own beautiful shape and size. I would say that no matter our size, we're all looking to feel like the best version of ourselves. Size isn't a focus in my practice - optimum health is. Some clients who come in with weight loss goals are surprised when I focus instead on their internal health. Often, once we correct internal imbalances, weight loss naturally follows.

Weight gain can be one of the more difficult issues to work with because so many imbalances can cause it. Obviously, diet and exercise play a big role. But sometimes clients have great diets (even by this Nutritionist's standards!) and exercise regularly yet are still unable to reach their weight loss goals. This is where Bioenergetics can help.

Achieving weight loss goals can take some time because there are several possible imbalances that accompany it and everyone's body is different; so there is usually lots of testing to do! First, we check for digestive issues. This is an important area since undigested food can ultimately cause bloating and weight gain. Not only that, if the digestive system is not functioning properly, it cannot help us extract the nutrients we need for weight loss. Next, we want to make sure the body properly recognizes sugar/carbs and fats. This doesn't mean asking if the person is eating a lot of these foods but rather if the body itself knows how to properly metabolize them. We may also check sodium and proper water utilization since Edema, or water retention, can cause weight gain. And, of course, we check hormones. Several hormone imbalances can make it difficult to lose weight. Stress hormones trump all other hormones so if they are being overproduced, we need to balance those. Excess estrogen can cause inflammation and weight gain as can an imbalance of thyroid hormones. It is one thing if a blood test shows normal thyroid hormone levels but it is quite another for the body not to know how to USE those hormones. Bioenergetics helps the body to do just that.

Check out Gina's testimonial:

"I saw Jocelyne for barometric pressure headaches and weight loss. After two sessions with Jocelyne there was an improvement right away with headaches; but the surprise was the weight loss a month later; and I didn't even try. Very happy with the treatments and the outcome. Blessed to have been introduced to this Bioenergetics Practitioner."

Gina B, Aylmer ON

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