Vertigo and the Like

Having a previous diagnosis or not never makes a difference to me as a natural practitioner.  Whether it was "Vertigo" or "dizziness" didn't make a difference to me when I worked with Kate either.  After all, holistic medicine is about working with the whole person, not just a disease.

Kate was having some really severe episodes of dizziness which often caused nausea and vomiting, loss of hearing and sight and, worst of all, a total change in the type of life she once enjoyed.  The bad days had her laid out and the okay days had her anticipating when the next more severe day would come.

We are energetic beings at the very core.  We are made of trillions of vibrating atoms and so is everything that exists around us.  There is no solid object; it only appears that way to our eyes because we cannot magnify the vibrating particles.  I explain it like this: two magnets will either attract or, if you flip one over, they repel one another.  When we are intolerant to something we experience an energetic counteraction to a given substance; just like two magnets.  If the body is intolerant and trying to protect itself, it will essentially repel the vibration or frequency of that substance.  If that substance has already been forced into the body via absorption, inhalation or consumption, the body will take measures to either quarantine it (typically causing inflammation, headaches, joint pain and the like) or flush it out (as seen with rashes, runny nose, diarrhea etc).

One of the reasons I take a diagnosis with a grain of salt is because I don't like limiting our investigation of culprits to the common causes outlined by Western medicine. When I work with someone who has any type of dizziness I test for things that are really 'out of the box.'  Things like the body's ability to recognize and adapt to high and low barometric pressure changes, geomagnetic pull in different directions, solar light and heat and UVA and UVB solar radiation.  A very helpful category to look into is the body's ability to adapt to different types of movements like vertical, horizontal and rotational movements and acceleration.  Can you imagine a medical allergist scratch testing you for an allergy to "rotational movement"?!  Or a specialist who will send you for tests against "barometric pressure"?!  It just isn't possible.  But the body is an incredibly wise temple and can give us answers through muscle testing if we ask the right questions.

Check out Kate's testimonial:

"In the summer of 2018 I started having dizzy spells similar to vertigo but sometimes lost my hearing and sight as well.  I was sent to an E.N.T that did the regular testing and was told I had Meniere’s Disease.  They told me it could last anywhere from one week to fifteen years and there was really nothing they could do for me.  Upon doing some research I came in contact with Jocelyne at Inside Works.  After having my first treatment my episodes started to change. They were shorter and less frequent.  After only three treatments I have had zero symptoms.  My head, eyes, and ears are clear and I am back living and enjoying my life again.  I highly recommend Jocelyne to anyone suffering in anyway.  Can’t thank Jocelyne enough for what she has done for me."

Kate S, Springfield ON