Ruth Anne B, Orangeville ON

I was so pleased when I was referred to Jocelyne to help me with my health.  Mostly for migraines since I have suffered for many years.  I have always had a lot of seasonal allergies, dust, molds, cats and dogs and an anaphylactic reaction to shellfish.  Before going to Jocelyne I also could not eat gluten, wheat, eggs, and garlic.  I can eat all of them now!  Basically for me, Jocelyne’s services helped my entire system get back to better health.  I feel much better overall.  Migraines better, and best of all my severe allergy to shellfish is gone!  I went to the allergist and had a scratch test and the first time in 25 years I have no allergies to any shellfish!  I can hardly believe my wellness now!  Thank you Jocelyne!