Patricia H, Stoney Creek ON

The vet told me Abby had lost two pounds in weight. The vet did blood work and was surprised to see that Abby's major organs were doing very well but she had a bladder infection which was successfully treated. Abby was still losing weight. Since Jocelyne discovered the problem with Abby’s digestion and corrected it, my little cat began to improve slowly but surely and gained the two pounds back that she had lost. I am profoundly grateful to Jocelyne for her treatment and cannot thank her enough for without her intervention, Abby would not be alive and well today.

I would like to add that three years ago Abby was preparing to die and unfortunately the vet was unable to do anything. I learned of Jocelyne and her wonderful work from a friend and she was able to treat the severe allergy that was the problem and Abby immediately improved and became her happy self once again.