Nadia R, Ancaster ON

I was referred by a friend to call Jocelyne in hopes to help my young cat.  I recently rescued Barry who unfortunately had terrible diarrhea that smelled up the whole house.  Upon getting many feral tests, he was free of any worms but was positive for cryptosporidium as well as the Corona virus.  My hands were full with this little munchkin.  I did not want to feed him vet prescribed antibiotics for the recommended 30 days.  I tried switching up his food, adding pumpkin and even tried slippery elm bark with his wet food.  Regardless of all these attempts, Barry still had terrible diarrhea and was not playful at all considering his 6 month age. Jocelyne came to my home to give Barry a Bioenergetics session and also recommended colloidal silver, for the virus and parasite, as well as a daily probiotic.  Barry had his first dark coloured, odourless and solid poop as early as the next morning.  It has been a month and Barry still has regular and perfectly formed stool.  He is more energetic, loving and playful.  I can’t thank Jocelyne enough.  Jocelyne was a God send to me, my family and, most of all, Barry.