Kelly M, Delhi ON

I suffered from aggressive and very resistant systemic Candida for 3 years. I had countless symptoms ranging from nail fungus, migraines, skin rashes, fatigue, joint pain, digestive issues, even memory loss and impaired vision! I had spent thousands of dollars on even the most obscure of treatments, natural AND traditional. I had read all the literature I could get my hands on and stuck diligently to numerous programs. Being a vegan and a well-read natural health enthusiast I was slipping into a considerable depression being unable to rid myself of this completely systemic plague...until I met Jocelyne! All it took was one appointment to find myself, unbelievably, Candida free! (Yes, ONE!) After only a mild healing crisis, I watched in amazement as my innumerable symptoms started to just, quite simply, fade away. It has been 5 months and it has not shown any sign of return! I find it almost as hard to believe as an outsider looking in. To this day, I am completely flabbergasted.  My body is healed and my eyes have been opened. I only wish I could have found Bioenergetics sooner and saved myself those years of pain and suffering, not to mention the thousands of dollars I wasted on other treatments!  Should we expect any less from a technology based on the work of Einstein and Nikola Tesla? This technology needs to be talked about and spread like wild fire. It should not be suppressed or underestimated!