Poison Ivy Sensitivity

Did you know that if you have a sensitivity to Poison Oak or Poison Ivy you don't even have to come into contact with it each time to develop a reoccurring rash?!  The people that have a sensitivity tend to react severely and the rash sticks around for a painfully long time.  Colleen had this reaction every summer.

When someone has an allergy/intolerance to a specific, already identified substance, there is virtually no investigative work to do and the appointment is a fairly quick and easy process.  I muscle tested Colleen to verify that she indeed was sensitive to Poison Oak, Poison Ivy and also Urushiol oil; the part of the plant that is responsible for the reaction.  Once we balanced her body, it was able to properly recognize these substances.  I received an excited message from Colleen the evening of her appointment saying that her rash was already almost gone.  It has since fully disappeared.  She only required one, 30-minute appointment.

Check out Colleen's testimonial:

"I met Jocelyne when she came to our farm to have a look at our very sick puppy. The work she did on him was amazing and overall very effective. Our dog enjoyed the treatments and he is a completely different dog now.  He went from scratching and biting, to the point where he would bleed due to his skin allergies, to happy and healthy.  I contribute this in part to the work she did along with some diet changes.

I myself suffer from an allergy to poison oak / ivy which I get every summer.  It's like a miracle has happened after one session.  My rash has almost gone away and I've been sleeping through the night without scratching!!  I would highly recommend Jocelyne. She is very professional and kind hearted. She truly wants to help people and animals."

Colleen S, Simcoe ON


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