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Holiday Referral Special
   The most rewarding special yet!
Refer 3 new clients by December 24th, 2014 and receive a $147 gift certificate.  This gift certificate can be used yourself or to give away to a loved one over the holiday season.  Thanks for spreading the word!
Bioenergetics For Pets
Did you know that Bioenergetics works on pets too?  Recently, I've had the pleasure to work on a pug with diabetes (whose blood sugar test went down 188 points after just one session!), another pup with chronic itching and even my own little darlin' cat who had joint discomfort and other symptoms of food allergies.  Check out one of my favourite pet testimonials:
"My little tabby cat was very ill with a food allergy. Treatment by our vet did not improve the situation; in fact Abby was preparing herself to die. Then a friend told me about Jocelyne and Bioenergetics. Today, two years later, following one treatment, Abby is a happy and very healthy cat. I am truly grateful that I found out about Jocelyne and Bioenergetics in time."    Pat H., Stoney Creek
Another one of my favourite cases was a cat who's owner was told she had 3-6 months to live due to anemia and liver and kidney failure.  She was instructed to take her home and keep her comfortable!  We (myself and a colleague) got on this case right away.  The cat's health began to turn around just a few days after treatment and she has been a very healthy cat for the last 11 months.
While western vets certainly have their place, keeping pets OUT of the vet office in the first place should be priority; don't you think?  Unfortunately, many pets are put on "prescription diets".  These foods often contain wheat, corn, soy and other undesirable and unhealthy ingredients.  Pets need quality, natural, preventative health care just like people do!  This may include supplementing (joint support, digestive enzymes, probiotics etc), chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and definitely great quality foods.  My pet sessions include Bioenergetics as well as information on foods and supplementation; should the animal require it.
If you know me well, you know that animals touch the very deepest place in my heart.  It is unfortunate to see so many pets head down a slippery slope due to misinformation and lack of addressing the real CAUSE of symptoms; and doing so before they escalate.  If your pet has symptoms of illness or you know of one who does, PLEASE have them call for information/an appointment.
* 15% of all sessions with a pet are donated to needy animal organizations.
Drink Up Wellness Class
Drinks can be harmful or healthful.  Learn how to make some wonderfully healthful, superfood additions to your drink repertoire!

1) Water Kefir (The continual brew doubles as an inexpensive liquid probiotic!) 
2) Plain and Flavoured Almond Milk
3) Vegan Chai Not-A-Latté (A delicious superfood coffee alternative)

Saturday November 15th, 2014 @ 11am-2pm
Healing Soles Inc.(www.healingsoles.ca)
627 Park Road N, unit 7 Brantford ON

COST: $60 (includes Kefir supplies to take home and handouts for recipes/instructions)

Please RSVP at jocelyne@insideworks.ca or 519-472-4215 by Friday October 31st.

Back By Popular Demand...
Warning - Many Common Household Products are TOXIC!
"Many people have used certain cleaning products such as “bleach” forever. After all, isn’t that what grandma used or mom used? And some people still believe that it is the only thing that will disinfect. So it burns your skin, your eyes, your nose, and can kill you if you happen to mix it with another cleaner, but gee whiz, habits are hard to change. I am here to tell you, you need to start changing your habits. Your children are ADD and you may well be too, people are dying of cancer and wonder why, you can’t lose weight because you have so many chemical calories in your system, your system is shutting down. Everything you eat, you drink, you breathe, is filtered by the body's organs..."
Michael Tomberlin Healthy Life, Healthy Planet
Many of my clients are aware of the dangers of consumable household products on the market and often ask me what I use instead.  I'm happy to share as this is another topic I'm very passionate about!  I have been using Melaleuca products for almost 20 years.  Melaleuca 'The Wellness Company' has been in business for 29 years.  They are a one-stop-shop manufacturing company that makes 400+ SAFE products to replace every dangerous chemical product in your home.  They're easy to order online or by phone, are shipped quickly and the quality is exceptional.  I HIGHLY recommend switching stores.
Please contact me for more info.
Stay tuned for an exciting film/food night; revealed in the January Newsletter!
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