Not All My Clients Are Human!

Not All My Clients Are Human!



Are you aware that not all my clients are human? I work with cats, dogs and I can even treat horses! Animals reach a place in my heart that no one else can. So even though they may be more tricky to work with (they tend to lose patience!), it warms my heart to see them doing so well after their appointments.

Neko is a 7 year old cat who is definitely too young to have arthritis. She had been diagnosed by two different Veterinarians and was given a supplement which made her first have diarrhea, then constipation. She didn't feel well and would sleep most of the day and night. Despite trips to the Veterinarian, she was still showing obvious signs of severe discomfort and mobility issues. Her owners tried a renowned pet Chiropractor and acupuncturist and while getting some benefit, this cat was just too stressed traveling in the car to the number of appointments she would end up needing. Her owners had been to see me for their own successful Bioenergetics appointments and decided to try one for Neko.

Many people who complain of joint issues may actually have muscle issues as well; since muscles pull on the joints. It's sometimes difficult to differentiate where the pain is originating. In a Bioenergetics session for "joint" pain, I test magnesium, calcium, animo acids, vitamin D and other nutrients helpful for joint health. I also test healthy joint and muscle tissue. These joint and muscle vials contain the frequencies of the healthiest cells from that organ or tissue. So, if the body doesn't recognize the frequency of the healthiest cell from that tissue, when it regenerates it will do so at a lower quality and thus, the tissue will not reach its healthiest, strongest potential. Balancing the body to healthy cell frequencies stimulates the cells to replicate at that quality and heal itself.

While waiting for Neko's scheduled appointment, I suggested a great supplement that the owners could sprinkle in her food. She responded positively to this supplement as her movement was a lot better and she had no adverse reactions; like diarrhea and constipation. But, she still required an appointment to help her get back full comfort and mobility. She tested fine with nutrient absorption but many joint and muscle tissue vials tested positive. After balancing her body to these vials, Neko seems to be acting like a kitten once again!

Check out what one of Neko's owners, Aaron, has to say:

" We were told our cat had arthritis by two different vets. We noticed that she started to hesitate with her jumps and stopped jumping as high as she used to. After one session with Jocelyne, she is running and jumping like she did when she was younger. I was impressed with this transformation because as a naturally skeptical person, the lack of a possible placebo affect demonstrates how well this really works! Thank you, Jocelyne!!!"

Aaron P, London ON