Medical Allergist Confirmed: Anaphylaxis to Shellfish is GONE!

Ruth Anne was such fun to work with.  She came in with several imbalances like migraines, muscle pain as well as food, dust, mold and pet allergies.  She also had an anaphylactic allergy to shellfish.  It took a little time to balance her body fully but she's back on track!  She even went to get her scratch test repeated and was advised she no longer has allergies to shellfish!


Check out Ruth Anne's testimonial:

"I was so pleased when I was referred to Jocelyne to help me with my health.  Mostly for migraines since I have suffered for many years.  I have always had a lot of seasonal allergies, dust, molds, cats and dogs and an anaphylactic reaction to shellfish.  Before going to Jocelyne I also could not eat gluten, wheat, eggs and garlic.  I can eat all of them now!  Basically for me, Jocelyne’s services helped my entire system get back to better health.  I feel much better overall.  Migraines are better and best of all my severe allergy to shellfish is gone!  I went to the allergist and had a scratch test and for the first time in 25 years I have no allergies to any shellfish!  I can hardly believe my wellness now!  Thank you Jocelyne!"

Ruth Anne B, Orangeville ON

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