Joint Issue Resolved After One Appointment

After an ultrasound, Bridget's physiotherapist suggested she had Arthritis.  She was unable to use her thumb for simple, everyday tasks without severe pain and inflammation.  She was told that her options for treatment were to have day and nighttime splints made as well as many, many physiotherapy visits.

In my line of work, the first thing I look at when working with people who have bone and joint issues is dairy.  Dairy is any product made from the breast milk of an animal (milk, cheese, cream, cream cheese, yogurt etc).  In my opinion, dairy is not a healthy substance for humans to consume.  This growth formula meant for calves, when consumed by us, causes a lot of mucous and inflammation, excess production of undesirable hormones, toxicity symptoms and, most important in this case, acidity.  The body sees dairy as acidic and it then pulls phosphorus and calcium OUT of the bones to buffer against the acid in the blood; causing bone LOSS.  The nations that consume high amounts of dairy have high cases of bone disease.  Dairy is not good for our bones; as we are lead to believe from advertising campaigns.

Bridget was already not consuming dairy so that was not a factor in her case.  We checked to make sure her body was recognizing minerals properly and therefore absorbing them.  We checked to make sure her body was able to achieve an alkaline (vs acidic) state.  And we tested healthy muscle and joint tissues to make sure she was able to regenerate these.  Several of these were imbalanced so we corrected this in her first appointment.

Here's is Bridget's testimonial: 

"I am 57 years old and had my first bout of Arthritis, landing in my thumb.  I had no idea how much I used my thumb until I couldn't anymore!!  It was so painful and inflamed, I was not able to do simple everyday tasks such as turn my ignition on, use a can opener or even do up my bra! I went to Jocelyne inquiring if she could help and was thrilled when she told me yes.  To my amazement, very shortly after the first appointment the pain and inflammation was diminished to a very tolerable level and in the next few days continued improving. I am now pain free, have mobility and have thrown my thumb brace away!   I am thrilled with the results and would recommend anyone in the same circumstance to give Jocelyne a call!  She does incredible work!"

Bridget S, London ON