How We Helped One Woman Finally Catch Some Z’s


Sleep is VERY important. Your body needs sleep each night in order to regenerate itself properly. We all know someone who has said "I only get 4 hours of sleep every night but that's fine, it's all I really need." Your body certainly does not share this sentiment and, over time, with only 4 hours of sleep and minimal or no regeneration happening, your body becomes a ticking time bomb that is eventually going to go off and cause other devastating ailments.

Did you know that your body's systems regenerate at a scheduled time every night? Check this out:

9pm-11pm: Your body eliminates toxic chemicals from the immune system (lymph nodes)
11pm-1am: Your liver detoxes and rejuvenates itself
12am-4am: Your bone marrow produces blood
1am-3am: Your gallbladder eliminates toxins and rejuvenates itself
3am-5am: Your lungs eliminate toxins and rejuvenates themselves
5am-7am: Your colon eliminates toxins and rejuvenates itself

Insomnia is quite common. In my books, there are two types: trouble falling asleep and trouble staying asleep. With the first, you may find yourself needing to watch TV until the late hours of the night or needing to leave the radio or TV on for background noise just to relax. Some people even feel they need to have alcohol in the evening just so they can sleep! Others would describe the feeling as "I just can't turn off my brain." Middle of the night insomnia (or trouble staying asleep) is when you fall asleep fine initially but then you wake in the middle of the night or several hours before your alarm goes off and can't get back to sleep. Or, you wake many times during the night.

I test for many things when working with someone who has insomnia. Since adrenal health and stress hormones can be a main cause (characterized by "I'm thinking, thinking, thinking and can't turn my brain off") I check for the intolerance to, or overproduction of, stress hormones as well as B vitamins; which help with stress. Another area I check is minerals. Specifically calcium and magnesium. An intolerance to or lack of absorption of magnesium can cause trouble falling asleep while an intolerance to or lack of absorption of calcium can cause trouble staying asleep. The third group I test includes things like Serotonin, Melatonin, Pineal Gland, Tryptophan, Dopamine, Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (which regulate circadian rhythms) etc. When the body is unable to recognize this group of substances, we know this is true insomnia.

Some people have issues in one category or two while others have trouble recognizing substances in all three. No matter, each culprit goes on the machine and while the frequencies of them are directed onto various acupressure points on the body; the body begins recognizing them and thus, is able to utilize them properly for better sleep.

After 10 years of middle of the night insomnia, here's Nancy's experience with Bioenergetics:

"I struggled for over 10 (frustrating) years with sleeping issues. My problem was staying asleep and to awaken many times through the night was my normal sleeping pattern. Over time I learned to drop the anxiety associated with my struggles and simply accepted the fact this was not going to change. One Bioenergetics session with Jocelyne this spring has virtually alleviated my sleeping issues. I never thought this possible. The results are astounding as I awaken refreshed and grateful every morning!!"

Nancy H, St. Catharines ON