How We Helped Balance Wheezing For a Child in Hamilton ON

Typical triggers which cause wheezing are household toxins (dust, dust mites, household cleaners, laundry products, carpet outgas, cosmetic fragrances, house paint, mold, tobacco smoke, furnace fumes, fireplace gases and smoke etc); some of which we just can't get away from! How are you supposed to fully get rid of dust mites?! We can't. So instead, we just balance the body. When the body is in balance, it understands how to properly process substances and there is no need for a hyper immune response. Other substances that are tested for wheezing are good fats, which help with inflammation, stress hormones, healthy tissue like lungs and bronchi, foods, mold and yeast, pathogenic fungi, respiratory viruses and well as the immune system. If the body doesn't recognize the signal of histamine, it tends to over produce it and the person has a heightened reaction.

Using the frequency of the appropriate stressors, we balanced this child's body and she had great results.

Here's what her father had to say:

"My daughter was diagnosed with asthma at a young age. She would have regular attacks and carried an inhaler. She had one visit with Jocelyne two years ago. Since that one visit, she has shown zero symptoms and doesn't need an inhaler anymore. This has been life changing for my daughter."

Colin D, Hamilton ON

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