How We Helped Balance Wheezing and Seasonal Allergies

How We Helped Balance Wheezing and Seasonal Allergies


untitledAmber had severe wheezing ever since she was very young and it became worse in the warmer seasons; triggered by plants and pollens. Her symptoms were obvious when she sat in the grass.

When it comes to working with people who have seasonal allergies, the time of year they react offers some clues as to which items are culprits. Generally, pre-spring symptoms come from mold. This is when I receive calls from people saying that their seasonal allergies are already starting although nothing has even begun to bloom. There are several types of mold that reside under the snow. Once the snow melts, the wind blows the mold around. No matter the symptom (runny nose, congestion, rashes, headaches, sneezing etc), when someone complains of difficulty during this time, mold is top culprit. Since winter was so mild this year, I have seen outdoor mold become the cause of symptoms throughout the whole season.

As spring begins, trees are often the focus as well as grass seed. It is interesting to note that the frequency of real lawn grass and the frequency of Genetically Engineered Bluegrass are different. Often times clients complain of symptoms when cutting the lawn but the test for lawn grass comes back negative. The cause is often found to be the G.E Bluegrass or soil mold. Some say that 60% of top soil is actually mold! So when we cut the grass the soil is agitated, releasing mold.

In the summer, grass and weeds are added to the list of suspects. From August to October, weeds and ragweed are the focus and mold becomes a problem again.

With Amber, we found several of these substances to be a problem. She had trouble when sitting in the grass and it was actually the G.E Bluegrass that was culprit for her. We were able to successfully balance these seasonal reactions and Amber was able to enjoy the warmer months outside. Here is her testimonial:

"I have suffered from asthma since the age of 2 (now 30 years old) and consistently had asthma attacks during certain seasons. I thought that my ability to do outdoor activities, exercise or simply sit on the back patio would always be determined by the pollens, dust and mold that surrounded me. I never imagined that I would breathe freely without inhaled steroids. Since my sessions I have not had to use any of my inhalers! I even made it through the fall season without an asthma attack! I am very thankful for the time and care that went into isolating my stressors, personalizing the sessions; and above all alleviating my symptoms. Thank you Jocelyne!"
Amber H., Guelph ON

Here's another great spring testimonial with a very quick fix:

"We moved into a new house in the springtime and all of a sudden I got terrible seasonal allergies from being outside in our new backyard! My eyes were itchy and red, watery and almost swollen closed! I went for an appointment with Jocelyne and found not only was I sensitive to trees (the ones in my new backyard!) but I was also overproducing histamine; which caused my reaction to be heightened. That night when I went home from my appointment I felt better; my symptoms had calmed down. After a couple days my symptoms were gone and I didn’t have another seasonal allergic reaction for the rest of the spring. Now I know if I have any other symptoms I’m going to book an appointment right away."
Amanda G., Tillsonburg ON

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