How We Helped a Young Man Get Rid of Severe Candida Overgrowth

How We Helped a Young Man Get Rid of Severe Candida Overgrowth


Candida Yeast Overgrowth is a very common issue. Its symptoms range from gas and bloating to headaches, muscle and joint pain to fatigue, multiple allergies to skin rashes. The list of symptoms it can cause is almost endless. There are several causes of the overgrowth including an intolerance to mold and yeast, an intolerance to probiotics, viruses, over consumption of sugary foods or junk foods, antibiotic use and high acidity levels in the body. Often, a Candida cleanse is necessary to remove the intestinal overgrowth. Sometimes, though, it is not enough. I see many clients who have done multiple cleanses but the yeast remains. This is because when the body does not recognize a substance, it often does opposite with what it should. For example, if the body does not recognize yeast, it will store it instead of flush it out. If the body does not recognize calcium, it will flush it out instead of store it. This may explain why some people do not feel any different when they take nutritional supplements.

Brady had a very severe case of Candida which he had tried to resolve, using other treatments, for a few years. He was feeling quite sick so he wanted to fit in as many appointments as possible in a month's time to get relief as soon as possible. I saw Brady four times in one month. We muscle tested several types of yeast, the herbal supplements he used during the cleanse, gastrointestinal bacteria, viruses, probiotics as well as acids and minerals to help his body achieve a more alkaline pH. We used the electro-acupressure machine to balance all substances that showed a positive test result.

Here is Brady's account of our results:

"I have never met a more truly compassionate person in the health/medical field. I was sick for 3 years with Candida. I literally spent over $10,000 between doctors, naturopaths, allergists, life coaches, health coaches and so on trying to figure out was wrong. Even though they couldn’t find the answer they all had the same response. Just keep coming back, spend more money. Jocelyne found out it was Candida by talking to me for 10 minutes. I’m not saying it’s that easy for everyone, but what I’m saying is that she cares, she listens and she sure is honest. It took me 4 appointments in one month to go from feeling 25% to 95%. The feeling of that after 3 years of sickness was indescribable. You won’t meet someone who cares more and makes you feel as comfortable as she does. She’s the real deal and I am so glad to have met her. Thank you!"
Brady C, Hamilton ON

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