How We Helped a Man Who Had Lyme


Lyme disease is notoriously difficult to diagnose using conventional tests. Many patients who have been infected with Lyme do not exhibit the most characteristic symptom - the bull's eye rash. Often, blood tests to identify the bacteria produce both false negative and false positive results; so an initial, correct diagnosis may be difficult to come by. Lyme disease also imitates other ailments and is therefore regularly misdiagnosed as MS, fibromyalgia, arthritis, psoriasis, ALS and others.

Due to the nature of Rick's job, he had been exposed to insects which carry bacteria. He had seen several doctors and sought help in both Canada and the United States. He was told he had tested positive for Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Cat Scratch Fever; which were contributing to a whole host of debilitating symptoms. Rick had taken several prescribed medications to try and get some relief but it did not help long term.

Energetically, if the body does not recognize a "good" substance (like nutrients, for example) it flushes them out. If the body does not recognize a "bad" substances (like bad bacteria, for example) it stores them and you exhibit symptoms.

When working with Rick, we tested and balanced the bacterias associated with the above mentioned "dis-eases" and immune system components (to strengthen his body at removing them). We also checked several inflammation vials, nutrients and different types of healthy tissue related to his symptoms; like joints, muscles and nervous system. Rick's was quite a complex case but after several Bioenergetics sessions, he seems quite pleased with the results.

Here's his testimony:

"For 35 years I have lived with the discomfort and pain and the disabling effects on my body. What use to be easy everyday life had become a task that had to be thought about just to function. The human body is an energy field. Each different, unique to itself. Capable of amazing things. With Jocelyne's help, using my own electrical field (which has no bias, or an agenda) she tested me for many conditions that needed to be corrected in my body so it could start to help repair itself. Testing from nerve damage, muscles, toxins, molds, bacteria, metals etc that were all working against me. Many of my symptoms and pain have subsided. I have returned back to work and have a better quality of life. Why can't you get better? Get tested. You might be amazed. I was!"

Richard D, Tillsonburg ON