How We Helped A Child in Chatham, Ontario With a Chronic Cough

How We Helped A Child in Chatham, Ontario With a Chronic Cough

Andria brought her daughter to see me because she had a chronic cough that had persisted for years.  They tried several things to alleviate the symptoms but nothing helped.  Sometimes the coughing fits lasted through the night and she missed many days of school.  They heard about Bioenergetics from a friend and thought they would give it a try.

As with any client, I took a detailed case.  We discussed what time of the day the coughing normally occurred, whether it was the same all year long or if it was worse in certain seasons.  We discussed whether they had noticed that certain foods seemed to make it worse or better, if they had tried removing any foods from her diet to see if the symptoms improved, if there were any pets in the home, what type of laundry products were being used, what type of bedding, if it was worse or stormy/rainy days etc.  This helps to narrow down the substances we are going to look into testing.

The body, just like everything else that exists, is made up of atoms.  Atoms carry frequency/vibration.  Thus, everything that exists has its own specific vibration. If the body does not know how to recognize the vibration of vitamin C, it does not know how to use it and often flushes it out.  If the body does not know how to recognize the vibration of a pathogen, it tends to store it.  So it is important that we figure out which substances the body recognizes and which it does not.  We do this by muscle testing.  A substance, contained in a glass vial, is held up to an indicator muscle (usually the forearm) while the client presses their thumb and ring finger together.  Muscle strength is tested by trying to pry those fingers open.  If the body recognizes the substance in the vial, strength in the fingers is maintained.  If the client is sensitive to the substance, the indicator muscle becomes weak and the fingers pry open easily.

We tested many categories.  Household Toxins (which included mold, dust, pillow and bedding feather, paints, leather furniture outgas, cleaners, laundry products, fireplace gas and smoke, furnace fumes, latex rubber, formaldehyde, chlorine etc), Geopathic Stressors (which include high and low barometric pressure, high and low humidity, condensation), several foods known to cause inflammation and mucous, Disease Nosodes (catarrh, bacteria otitis and sinusitis), Healthy Organ Tissue (lungs, bronchi, nasal mucosa and sinus membranes) Exocrine System (nasal mucous, phlegm, bronchial mucosa) and finally Nutrients (vitamins, minerals and healthy fats to help with inflammation).  Once we find out which toxic substances as well as which nutrients that she is not processing properly, we can retrain the body how to deal with those substances. With this child, there were several possible causes for her cough so it took a few appointments to balance all offending substances.
Balancing is done by placing all positive testing stressors on an electro-acupressure machine.  This machine picks up the frequency of each substance.  The frequencies are sent through a probe and placed onto several pressure points on the body.  This clears energetic blockages from the acupuncture meridians (aka energetic pathways) and allows the body to properly recognize what the substances are.  Following the machine, the client’s indicator muscle strength is retested and the previously offending substances test strong; showing that the body now knows how to process the specific nutrients to absorb, toxins to flush out and inoffensive substances to recognize as such.  Her symptoms improved steadily over three appointments until no symptoms remained.

Here is Mom’s testimonial:

“From the time she was six weeks old, our daughter had a chronic cough.  Some nights she would cough for 5 solid hours.  We tried to manage her coughing episodes with everything from vaporizers to cough syrups to puffers and prednisone.  Literally nothing worked.  In kindergarten she missed 11 days of school because she was too exhausted from coughing through the night.  In spring of 2013, she had 3 sessions with Jocelyne.  Since her last session we have not had a single night of coughing and are not using any medication.  She is now in grade 1 and has not missed a day of school.” 

Andria A., Chatham ON

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