How We Got Rid of Persistent Migraine Headaches

How We Got Rid of Persistent Migraine Headaches



Brenda had debilitating migraines for many years. She had to set an alarm to wake up in the early morning hours just so she could take a very strong prescription drug in hopes of being headache-free that day and be able to function. Still, some days, her headaches were not gone.

Headaches and migraines can be caused by MANY triggers. It can take some time to figure out which ones(s) are the culprits for each person as, of course, not all people are the same. I worked with Brenda a number of times. Her body did not know how to process barometric pressure change, magnesium, iron, fluids, several household toxins etc. She had great relief after we balanced the very obvious stressors. Her migraines had lessened but had not resolved completely. This did not surprise me as hers was the most severe migraine case I had seen.

Then, Brenda offered me the best clue yet! - Her headaches became more frequent and worsened just as the winter snow was melting; right before Spring had begun. This is always a clear signal that mold could be a culprit. Brenda came back into the office and we worked exclusively with 75+ different types of molds and yeast. That was just the ticket to resolve her migraines year round!

Here's what Brenda has to say:

" I have been a migraine sufferer for 34 years. As they could be quite debilitating at times and since they were cluster headaches it became very draining. I went to see Jocelyne as I had been 12 days straight with pain and nausea and at the end of my rope. She asked when they had started; it was around April 11, 2015. The snow had just melted off the ground at that time. Jocelyne felt it was likely mold related as there is mold under the snow. And sure enough that is what it was. We had worked with many different elements previously, including barometric pressure, with relief. However the appointment of the mold panels left me headache free. I often would experience 2-5 migraines per week. I did not realize how many family and friend gatherings I had missed or left early because of my chronic migraines. Very grateful and am always encouraged to see Jocelyne to help identify other issues as they come up in the aging process."

Brenda P, Tillsonburg ON
Registered Nurse