How We Cleared Congestion in Just Two Sessions

How We Cleared Congestion in Just Two Sessions


How We Cleared Congestion in Just Two Sessions

Craig first saw me in August for help with his constant sinus congestion. Sinus congestion can be caused by a multitude of different things and the culprits vary with the time of year. In order to find out what his stressors were, we had to do lots of investigative testing!

The body, just like everything else that exists, is made up of atoms. Atoms carry frequency/vibration. Thus, everything that exists has its own specific vibration. If the body does not know how to recognize the vibration of vitamin C, it does not know how to use it and often flushes it out. If the body does not know how to recognize the vibration of a pathogen, it tends to store it. So it is important that we figure out which substances the body recognizes and which it does not. We do this by muscle testing. A substance, contained in a glass vial, is held up to an indicator muscle (usually the forearm) while the client presses their thumb and ring finger together. Muscle strength is tested by trying to pry those fingers open. If the body recognizes the substance in the vial, strength in the fingers is maintained. If the client is sensitive to the substance, the indicator muscle becomes weak and the fingers pry open easily.

In August, we tested ragweed and other weeds, sinus membranes, nasal mucous and mucosa, dust and dust mites and fur from his pet cat. We placed all vials on the electro-acupressure machine, sent their frequencies into Craig's body along specific pressure points (which allows his body to properly recognize the substances) and muscle tested again after running the machine. The vials now achieved a strong muscle response. Over the next few days, his congestion improved but returned in late March just as winter was ending. Although manifesting as the same symptom, it was clear that Craig had more than one cause of his congestion and that is why he was triggered at several different times of the year. Now we had to figure out his triggers for late winter. I see many people who feel their "seasonal allergies" starting just as the snow has melted for the season. But nothing is in bloom at that point so the cause is not plants and pollens as they suspect. Underneath the snow is mold. When the snow melts, the wind picks up the mold and blows it around; causing reactions.

I saw Craig again in April. We tested 77 different molds and he was sensitive to many. We also tested for a sensitivity to high and low barometric pressure, condensation, precipitation, fire gas and smoke and furnace fumes. We balanced all substances using the electro-acupressure machine. While Craig was on the machine he immediately felt his sinuses begin to clear. Over the next few days they had cleared completely and he has not had nasal congestion since.

Here is Craig's testimonial:

"I used to be constantly congested and it was even worse just as winter ended. It was caused by a sensitivity to mold. During the appointment, I noticed my sinuses were starting to decongest. Over the next few days, my sinuses continued to decongest to a point I have not experienced in decades. I can breathe! The puffiness around my eyes has started to decrease. I feel so much better."

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