How Bioenergetics Can Help With Muscle and Joint Pain

I do not test to find out if clients have enough, or a deficiency of, certain nutrients. Muscle testing shows whether the body knows how to USE the nutrients it is getting. When working with muscle and joint pain, we test to make sure the body knows how to use nutrients that these tissues need for optimal functioning and repair. If the body does not know how to utilize amino acids, it cannot use proteins to rebuild healthy tissue. Some clients are getting enough minerals but if the body does not recognize the frequency of those minerals, no amount of supplements will help. Along with inflammation and good fats, we can test healthy muscle and joint tissue. These tests do not indicate an intolerance to one's own muscle and joint tissue but rather the body's ability to regenerate these at the best quality possible. Once the client is getting the proper nutrients and the body knows how to use those nutrients, the body should be able to heal itself.

Here's a great testimonial from a Registered Massage Therapist; who definitely knows a thing or two about muscle and joint tissue!

"I was so excited to hear that Bioenergetics can help with muscle and joint pain! I am a massage therapist and my job is very physically demanding. I have been suffering with chronic pain, especially in my back, and after my first session I was literally pain free! I was amazed and relieved that I have this tool that I can use to improve my quality of life while continuing to do a job that I love with the confidence that I will have longevity in my career. Thanks Jocelyne!"

Carrie V, London ON

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