Hear How We Resolved the Ever Common Gluten Intolerance

Hear How We Resolved the Ever Common Gluten Intolerance

When I met Melissa, I was impressed with her healthy diet and lifestyle. Her diet is excellent and she is a yoga instructor! Still, she had dealt with life-long skin rashes as well as gluten intolerance; which caused a lot of intestinal bloating and fatigue.

During Melissa's appointments we tested several foods including gluten, cooking oils, dust mites, laundry soap, citrus fruits, her natural bathing and skincare products and several other suspect causes. We balanced all of the stressors which tested positive on the electro-pressure machine. After two appointments, her rashes were gone and she was no longer bloated after eating gluten.

Listen to what Melissa has to say about her experience with Bioenergetics:

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