Headaches from Barometric Pressure and Sunlight

Headaches can be a complex issue to resolve mainly they can be caused by several things; so there is always lots of testing involved. Culprits include food intolerances, food additives, mold, household toxins like new carpet fumes, paint, cosmetic fragrances as well as chemical cleaning and laundry supplies.  We can also get headaches from improper absorption of iron, magnesium and water. Sometimes they can be caused by sinus issues and hormonal changes.  Some of the most common causes include an intolerance to barometric pressure and solar radiation.  I've personally dealt with a couple of those!

Emily experienced headaches when it rained as well as out in the hot sun.  We rebalanced her body to recognize barometric pressure changes as well as solar light/heat, UVA, UVB, and solar flares.

Check out her testimonial:

"I had such bad headaches every time it rained due to the barometric pressure changes and also when I was outside in the hot sun. I had no idea there was anything that could be done about this. After two appointments I no longer have these issues. It is amazing how quickly and effectively this worked! Just in time for summer too."

Emily P, St Thomas ON