Anaphylactic Egg Testimonial

Darryl had been extremely allergic to egg his entire life.  He had to be very careful not to come in contact with it or he would experience an anaphylactic reaction and his airway would close.

Balancing someone who has a severe reaction like this is fairly straight forward but we can only work with the offending substance by itself each appointment; instead of balancing several substances at once.  The first couple times I saw Darryl it was for other less serious issues.  Once he saw how well Bioenergetics worked for those, he decided to try it with egg.

Testing and balancing is painless and non-invasive as the substances are contained in glass vials and the client is never exposed to them.  They are just exposed to their frequency.  I had Darryl bring several samples of his own as well, also contained in glass containers.  We tested a cooked egg, a raw egg, egg whites and egg yolk.  We balanced his body over three separate appointments and here is his testimonial:

"I have been extremely allergic to egg my entire life. Unfortunately, egg happens to be a very common ingredient in many different foods. I always had to be so careful and carry an epipen. My diet was so restricted due to my allergy that is was often very frustrating and going out to eat at restaurants was difficult. I was referred to Jocelyne from family members which had experienced good results with her. After 3 treatments from Jocelyne, I could not believe that I could now eat egg directly as well as anything that has egg in it. I was blown away with how easy it was for Jocelyne to balance my body! She has enriched the quality of my life. I am so glad that she was referred to me. Thank you so much Jocelyne."