Injury Not Healing Properly?

Sandi had been experiencing pretty severe pain and a shocking sensation in her limbs for quite some time since being in a car accident.  She was on several pain medications.

The body can develop intolerances to nutrients, hormones and neurotransmitters just as it can pets, foods and plants and pollens.  If the body doesn't recognize nutrients, it cannot use them to heal itself from injury.  While testing, we found that Sandi was not absorbing several minerals well.  We checked to make sure her body was also processing vitamins and proteins properly and that her muscle and joint tissue as well as nervous system tissue was able to regenerate itself.  It took a few appointments but Sandi quickly experienced positive changes with her pain.  Here is her testimonial:

"After I saw Jocelyne for pain, I was able to completely go off Amitriptyline and decrease my Topiramate dosage to half within 1 month and am continuing to decrease my dosage. 

I am able to sleep through the night and have not had any shocks run down my arms or legs."