How We Helped a 16 Month Old Baby With Severe Reflux

Kim contacted me to book an appointment for her 16 month old son and explained all that they had been through.  This child had been to several specialists and had received many recommendations yet his case seemed to worsen.  He had digestive discomfort to the point that he began refusing proper amounts of food.  His acid reflux was so severe that one day it had become an emergency.  Kim and her husband were willing to try anything to help their son and this included a long trip from Lyndonville, NY to give Bioenergetics a try; and I'm really glad they did!

Natural practitioners aim to balance the body from the CAUSE of the issue; not just band-aid the symptom.  When I met this boy he was clearly not feeling well and his demeanor reflected his physical discomfort.  His issues were definitely coming from poor digestive function.  He not only had a couple food intolerances, but his body did not know how to use its own digestive enzymes to break down his food as well as probiotics- good bacteria that maintains intestinal health.  You can supplement with these substances all you want but if the body does not RECOGNIZE them, they will be of no use.  This is where Bioenergetics comes in.  We balanced his body so that he could effectively recognize the foods as well as the enzymes and probiotics he needed to get his gut back on track.

After her son's first appointment, Kim contacted me excited about his quick improvement.  He was able to come off his medication and he was a completely different kid physically and emotionally.  She said that other family members began commenting on how he was now a really happy baby!  This was even obvious to me during his second appointment.  He did not put up a fuss once!  I truly enjoyed this whole family, their willingness to try something new and the smiles on their faces when they left my office.

Here is Kim's testimonial:

"Jocelyne was referred to me by a colleague after hearing about all of the health issues my son has had in his short 16 months of life.  When we went to see her for the first time, he was taking Nexium twice a day for reflux that he had been on since he was 8 weeks old, he was just being weaned off from his prescription baby formula that he had also been on since 8 weeks old and he was already taking a probiotic for infants.  The first appointment was eye opening to my husband and I with how out of balance his body was.  A few days after his first visit we noticed a difference in his eating habits.  Before, he would not eat much solid food and in the weeks following visit #1 he started to eat like he was starving.  We were relieved to see him try new things and to see how much happier he was becoming.  He started sleeping more solid hours and his naps got longer after eating.  In the three weeks between appointments, we weaned him off from the Nexium and he started to drink a non-dairy milk.  The second visit was amazing because almost everything that he was previously reacting to were almost all gone!  We are so grateful that Jocelyne heard our story and was able to help us get our son into a better place with his diet and environment.  He is currently thriving, happy, has a tremendous appetite and most importantly is off his medications!!!  Thank you Jocelyne for all you’ve done for our family!"

Kim P, Lyndonville NY

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